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Denis Villeneuve Wasn't Entirely Impressed With 1984 Film Dune

  An Academy Award nominee for Arrival, Denis Villeneuve, was quoted as saying that he was not “satisfied” and felt partly “uncomfortable” with the 1984 film which was directed by David Lynch. David Lynch is a veteran director with films like Eraserhead , Blue Velvet , The Elephant Man , and Mulholland Drive under his belt. He is not a man you want to be the successor of without giving several thoughts to the comparisons that will follow your work till eternity, but Villeneuve was convinced that he could make Dune and was not ready to sit on it after already attaining the experience of filling in Ridley Scott’s shoes with Blade Runner 2049. But it is an undisputed fact that Dune is n ot an easy film to make for several disparate reasons. The 1984 film Dune , directed by David Lynch , has never got much appreciation from any section of the society, and it has happened for all the right reasons. Even Lynch himself rejected the film. Lynch got so pissed off after losing almost the enti

How to Build a Successful Social Media Campaign

  Social Media Campaign is a series of coordinated activities that allow you to reinforce or assist with a business goal using different social media platforms. Social media campaigns focus on business goals that include getting great feedback, building email marketing lists, increasing website traffic, and driving sales. Steps to build a social media campaign Identify your target audience Identifying your target audience will help you develop effective marketing communication strategies. It can be a time-consuming effort but once you have identified your target audience, you can focus on your marketing efforts in a cost-effective way. Develop specific campaign goals and objectives The first step of a successful social media campaign is to develop your goal and plan strategies to fulfill it. The most important aspect of a social media campaign is to set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals. The goals are not always limited to money but increasing e

Strategic Ways of Using Pinterest Marketing

  Pinterest marketing is the usage of Pinterest as a tool to increase awareness of your business. As a social media platform, Pinterest helps in driving organic traffic back to the website and increases the overall awareness of a brand. It has been indicated that Pinterest is quite effective in steering traffic back to the site. Pinterest is one of the most impactful and affordable tools for businesses that are looking to convert more leads, drive traffic, and increase awareness. The users on interest also have high purchase intent, and here are some ways of using Pinterest for marketing. Build Your Profile The first step of creating a presence on any social media network is to build your profile. To have access to analytics, rich pins, and other tools, you need to first create a business Pinterest account and then take measures to brand your Pinterest profile. Grow Your Reach To grow your reach, you need to create pins that will reach those who do not follow you on Pinterest. Posting

Improve Security of Your Web Browser with these Steps

  Want to protect your privacy with the help of a more secure browser? Follow this article to the end. If you haven’t yet configured your browser’s privacy, the chances are that it might not be well-secured. Be it location tracking, pop-ups, or interrupting cookies, there can be several other ways by which your security might be compromised. If you think your browser’s security is not up to the mark, follow the below-mentioned steps: Choose a Secure Web Browser The majority of people use the widely recognized Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. But it does not mean that you only have these limited browsers to use. There are many secure browser alternatives to the browsers, as mentioned above, which are GNU IceCat, Iridium, Tor, and more. Please remember that even if you use these secure browser alternatives, you get reliable security, but there is no 100% security guarantee as no browser is 100% secure. So, you can increase security on your respective browser by using a VPN and

The World to Come: An Intense Exploration of Desire

  Mission Impossible famed actress Vanessa Kirby and Fantastic Beasts star Katherine Waterston in a love story that is so ineffable, it will make your mind churn with emotions you cannot identify. An engaging tale of a couple leaves your mind clapping for the romance that unfolded before your eyes, touching all the genuine emotions that make us all human. We see a 19th-century extreme patriarchal world through the eyes of an isolated woman Abigail (played by Katherine Waterston), who is oblivious to her feelings and almost suffers in her silence. The story begins from a New Year day when Abigail mourns the death of her daughter, who recently died due to diphtheria. We see the world where she lives, the world she feels she is trapped in, her muscular husband Dyer, with whom she shared no connection, and her neighbors. Abigail keeps to herself and has never known to be the one to have friends. Although she has read about the love that Shakespeare had described but never felt it, not even

Tips and Tricks to Personalize your Gmail Account

  Just like other Google products, Gmail can also be customized as per your preference. You can make significant changes, like changing the Gmail interface and can add various themes to it. You can also customize Gmail’s features as per your needs. In this article, we will mention some tips and tricks you can follow to personalize your Gmail account: Inbox Layout Google allows you to customize your inbox with a simple click of a button. To personalize your inbox, go to Gmail and then move your cursor over “Inbox” and click on the appeared downwards arrow. Once you click on the arrow, you can access the menu of different types of Inbox Configuration that Google offers. You can set the configuration that suits you the best from different options like Default, Important emails first, Unread first, Priority Inbox and Starred first. You can also go through Google Guide to gain more information about each setting. Change the Size of Your Inbox The default setting of your Gmail Inbox is to sh

VLC: How to Fix Your Input Can’t Be Opened Error?

  When VLC users attempt to play a video, they may face the ‘Your input can’t be opened’ error. Some users cannot play videos that are not stored on their HDDs. IF you are also facing the same issue, then follow the troubleshooting guide given below. Store the File of YouTube.lau in the Playlist Folder of VLC You should follow these guidelines provided below: First of all, go to the ‘VLC webpage’ in the web browser on your system. After that, select the button of Download to save the file of Youtube.lau. You should click on File Explorer. Open the folder where you have saved youtube.lau. Navigate to the file of youtube.lau and right-click on it, then choose the Copy button. Later, launch the folder path into the File Explorer: C:ProgramFiles(x86)/VideoLAN/VLC/lauplaylist Now, select the playlist folder, and right-click on it, then choose the Paste button to add the file of youtube.lau to that folder. Disable the Windows Firewall You should follow these guidelines provided below: Go to

Best Tech Tips to Boost your eCommerce Business

  The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the importance of online sales like never before. Consumers have also shifted towards online buying and make it the emerging trend in 2020. Most of the offline store owners have turned to e-commerce for survival. According to Wells Fargo Economics Group, the online sales trend makes the retail sales rise to 19%, compared to 12% from the past two years. According to Episerver, a digital experience company, online traffic rose by 30% over a year, conversion rates were up by 22% over a year, and social media played a huge role by delivering 89% more traffic to retail sites. These numbers show the opportunity for retailers to evolve from window shopping trends into online shopping. There are so many technologies available that can help you to start with your e-commerce business, but sometimes too many options create confusion about what to pick up as per your needs. Setting up e-commerce is costly, and it requires some advanced technologies to establish a