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How to Unblock Blocked Downloads in Google Chrome Posted on  March 6, 2020 We all know that Google Chrome is one of the popular Browse available worldwide. It is easy to use and user-friendly, fast, and packs a smooth performance. We all know that every great thing is always not perfect and sometimes it also gets some problems. Chrome glitching (a problem affecting function) and freezing (a virus that harmful to your device. Chrome also has the power to protect your system from virus-like malware. So it can block download sometime, here are the trick that helps you how can you unblock your download. Unblocking Downloads After installing Google Chrome, people think that it is easy to understand and use with sympathies and concerns about Chrome terms and conditions of security. But now this is not a big issue for its users. Chrome use several tools for scanning harmful software and scanning all the website to providing a more secure web browser. It is also providing
How to Upload and Edit DSLR Photos on iPod Pro 2018 Posted on  March 6, 2020 There are lots of people who like to click pictures by standalone cameras like a DSLR or other camera for impressive images. There is only one primary reason to take photos with DSLD is that your device camera has not satisfied you every time. Sometimes you are attending a function or traveling in another place you like to click photos from DSLR camera or another standalone camera rather than your iPhone camera. But you want to see those photos on your iPhone screen. It is a critical point to getting pictures on your iPhone from DSLD cameras. If you like to transfer your photos on iPhone, then you need an adopter, SD card reader by Apple, and USB camera adapter. This change comes with the Apple latest devices on iPad pro (11 inches and 12.9-inch current models) released in the year 2018. It has a C port USB features that allow you to import photos on your device and directly connected to your ada