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How to Set Custom Icons for Your Android Apps

  With Android’s easy to use interface comes the countless opportunities to customize your device. That said, why not customize the app icons in your Android, like everyone else owning the rival device is doing. Till the time Android is supporting third-party apps, there are only a few things that Android cannot do, and other operating systems can. Case in point, setting a custom icon for your Android apps is a pretty straightforward process. In this article, you will learn how to do that yourself on your Android device. More aesthetical news here is that while you can download custom app icons using certain apps from the Google Play Store, users also have the option to use an image directly from their galleries or the Web to use it as their custom app icon. Edit an Image You Want to Set as an App Icon To set an image as an app icon, you must use a square image with a transparent background. The best part is that you can tweak any image according to the requirement mentioned above. To

How Exactly Does the PS5 Work?

The all-new PS5 is arriving next month, and there are a vast number of questions that need to be answered. Everyone wants to have a firmer grasp on the information related to the console. The all-new PS5 would have backward compatibility, which means you will be able to play the majority of PS4 games on it. Other than this, there are a vast number of questions that are still there. These questions include some critical ones also. So, in this article, we will discuss them in detail. Many of us want to know about the UI of the PS5. Is it the PS4’s menu setup’s carryover? Are there new themes available on PS5 or does it have carryover themes of PS4? And more. There’s not even a single screenshot of the menus yet provided by Sony. Why is Sony working so confidentially? We are also eager to know about every detail related to the PS5. The answers will leave a more meaningful impact on your PS5’s game playing experience. What will happen to the party system? Will it work through generations?

What Is Xbox All Access and How to Use It

  What Is Xbox All Access and How to Use It Posted on  October 9, 2020 Microsoft’s Xbox All Access is a financing program (24 months financing program) that lets you buy a new gaming console on easy monthly installments along with the 24 months subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. What Do You Get With Xbox All Access? With the Xbox All Access program, you get a new gaming console and a 24 months subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Besides this, you also get an option to upgrade your purchased gaming console if a new gaming console is released by Microsoft in the market, and you have consistently paid your EMI for 18 months. What Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a video game subscription plan that provides you access to a large library of games for your gaming console, computer system, and Android devices (through cloud gaming technology). It combines two subscription plans of Microsoft “Xbox Game Pass” and “Xbox Live Gold” and allows you to get the benefi

All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Features of Instagram

  In these times, we all use various social networking platforms. But, among all the social media apps, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most favorite and commonly used applications among the users. A few days ago, the social networking platform, Instagram, announced some new features that it is going to offer to the users. Recently, Facebook has also taken another significant step by integrating its chat services of Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Over the last few months, Facebook has introduced many new features to offer to its users. And now, this integration has come up as another big surprise to the users. The use of Facebook Messenger and Instagram has increased tremendously, especially in these crazy times of Coronavirus. These platforms have helped people to stay connected with their loved ones. And now, as a part of this integration, Facebook has announced several new features for Instagram users. According to the information, ten new features are going to add up on In

Huawei P Smart (2021): Everything You Need to Know

  Huawei has recently unveiled its new mid-range smartphone, Huawei P Smart (2021), in Europe. The phone comes with lots of great features and specs, which makes it a better option than its predecessor Huawei P Smart (2020). For example, Huawei P Smart (2021) comes with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ display, whereas Huawei P Smart (2020) comes with a 6.21-inch OLED display. Similarly, Huawei P Smart (2021) has a quad-camera setup, whereas Huawei P Smart has a dual-camera setup. Huawei has not revealed lots of information about the mobile, its specification, price, and release date. But as per rumors, the phone will have some great specs and features in it. Here’s everything we know so far. Design and Specs Huawei P Smart (2021) comes with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ display with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The mobile has an aspect ratio of 20:7 and has a quad-camera setup. Additionally, it features an 8 MP front camera. Huawei P Smart (2021) has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal Storage. The mobile is powered

What Happened on the Last Episode of “Days of Our Lives”

  On Thursday, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf ( played by William Utay) will appear again, but he will do that to meet his new strategic partner. Gwen Rizczech (played by Emily O’Brien) is planning to put Abigail DiMera down, but she is not alone as Dr. Rolf has also joined hands with her as Gwen will definitely need his help in figuring out her next move. Another menacing attempt to drug Abigail happened on Thursday with Gwen working on the directions given by Dr. Rolf. It is very well understood that it is a disastrous move from Gwen’s side who, on the one hand, is looking to win Abigail’s trust, but on the other side, she is helping Abigail’s suspicions intensify. These suspicions have grown in the recent episodes. Thursday’s episode was a struggle for the character Ben Weston who is heavy-heartedly grieving for his girlfriend Ciara, but he gets some sunshine in the form of Marlena Evans, who does offer him some sympathetic words. Ben doesn’t know how he is supposed to carry on in his life after

Easy Hacks to Resolve “Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

  Windows show a lot of error messages when a task remains uncompleted or if it gets interrupted in the procedure. The “Windows was unable to complete the format” error message appears on your screen when there is an issue with your USB flash drive or SD card. It mainly occurs when you try to format a removable drive. Fortunately, you can resolve the error on your own using the tricks we have mentioned below. But first, you have to format your USB drive or SD card to fix the error, and this procedure will wipe your drive clean. Start by going to the File Explorer and then click on This PC. This will show you all the connected drives, and on that page, give a right-click to your removable drive and select Format. Choose the required options and click on Start to format the drive. Despite trying to format the drive multiple times, you might see “Windows was unable to complete the format” error message. In this case, start troubleshooting and then use the following methods: Format via Dis