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The World to Come: An Intense Exploration of Desire

 Mission Impossible famed actress Vanessa Kirby and Fantastic Beasts star Katherine Waterston in a love story that is so ineffable, it will make your mind churn with emotions you cannot identify.

An engaging tale of a couple leaves your mind clapping for the romance that unfolded before your eyes, touching all the genuine emotions that make us all human.

We see a 19th-century extreme patriarchal world through the eyes of an isolated woman Abigail (played by Katherine Waterston), who is oblivious to her feelings and almost suffers in her silence. The story begins from a New Year day when Abigail mourns the death of her daughter, who recently died due to diphtheria. We see the world where she lives, the world she feels she is trapped in, her muscular husband Dyer, with whom she shared no connection, and her neighbors.

Abigail keeps to herself and has never known to be the one to have friends. Although she has read about the love that Shakespeare had described but never felt it, not even for her husband who she describes as a spouse with “contentment like a friend who he never gets to see.” Abigail always seeks to find happiness in the books she read, but there was a massive chunk that was missing from her life, and she knows it all too well.

Abigail keeps a diary for herself, where she writes her thoughts in the best ways possible. It is the only place she expresses herself, the place she usually visits to identify who she really is.

She has never felt love and feels no emotions when Dyer gives her a second child. She wants to escape her nook-like world, but she doesn’t know-how.

She finds solace in her neighbor Finney’s (played by Christopher Abbot) wife, Tallie (played by Vanessa Kirby). Tallie is a lot different than Abigail; she finds beauty in the world outside while Abigail looks within her realms of imagination. Abigail befriends and likes her immediately. She cannot resist but to notice a different aura in her house whenever she walks in.

She slowly begins to feel the things she had been reading about. Shakespeare’s love that was a theory a few days earlier now had started to become a beautiful reality.

The tale of two women in love will keep you under their spell from the first scene to the last scene. Abigail’s narration from her diaries as we see new dates in different scenes resounds like masterpiece prodding hidden secrets buried within her heart. Abigail and Tallie seek salvation in each other as they battle through a world that is choking them both physically and mentally. 

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Source:-  The World to Come: An Intense Exploration of Desire


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