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Microsoft Teams Video Call: How to Blur Background

Video calling is one of the best methods of connection when you are not able to attend the meeting due to some reason. In the video call, you have to compromise with the fact that others can watch and judge the location where you are. Microsoft Team offers you the option to blur your background to protect your privacy. This option is beneficial when you are outside, and there is a constant disturbance. It can be used on a routine basis to avoid the disclosure of your current condition of locality. When you activate this setting, then the camera will focus on you only, and everything on the background will be blurred out. Setting the Blurring Feature When you are using Microsoft Teams, then you have two methods by which you can activate the background blur feature. Before the Call During the Call There is a minor change in the process, and that is as follows: Before the Call To activate this feature, you have to go to Start a Meeting or Join a Call. On this scre

How to Upgrade Your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

If you are done with the old version of Windows which is 8.1 and want to get the latest version of it, then follow the instructions mentioned below. In this article, you can learn how to upgrade your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 by using the Windows Update feature or visiting Microsoft’s website. Here’s How to Upgrade Your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 You can upgrade your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 by using the Windows Update feature given in the Control Panel menu. Here are the steps mentioned below to complete this procedure: •    Click on the Windows key and X key on the system keyboard. •    Otherwise, you need to right-click on the Windows Start symbol. •    This symbol is given on the left-hand side of the display. •    Choose the Control Panel menu by going to the context menu. •    Press on the Windows Update URL. •    This URL is given at the end of the menu list. •    Press on the Get Started option. •    It is given on the Windows Update menu. •   

How to Delete Your Saved Passwords from Any Browser

While logging in to your Gmail, Facebook, or any other account, a popup appears on the screen, asking you whether you want to save your password. This could be a useful feature when you’re opening new accounts on your device. Once you save the password for an account, you’ll not be asked again to provide the password. Just select your account and password will be filled automatically. Sometimes, when using a public device, by mistake, you may choose to save the password. You would want to remove your password. Here is how to delete your saved passwords from any browser. How to delete saved passwords from Google Chrome These steps work on Chrome desktop browser 1.    Open the browser if it is already not. 2.    Click the ‘More’ icon located at the top right corner of the browser interface. 3.    Go down in the menu and choose ‘Settings.’ 4.    Under Settings, go to the bottom of the page and click on blue color ‘Show advanced settings…’ text. 5.    Locate Passw

How to Resize Images with PowerToys on File Explorer?

You can consider several applications to resize your pictures on Windows 10 andPowerToys is one of the best tools to do so within the File Explorer. So, if you would like to know how to resize the pictures with PowerToys on File Explorer, then here are the instructions to do so. Make sure to read and implement them carefully. Resize Pictures via PowerToys on File Explorer The users intended to resize pictures via PowerToys on File Explorer can do so through the below-written guidelines. If you have already tried this solution, then proceed further to the next fix. Launch the File Explorer on your device. After that search for the image directory, you would like to resize. Then click on one or additional pictures to resize. You should select and right-click on it then choose the option of ‘Resize pictures’. Thereafter, select the new size. Alternatively, click on the option of Custom. Afterwards, state the settings you would like to use, containing Fill, Fit or

How to Insert GIF Images into PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is one of the best slideshow presentation software given by MS Office. It is used to make business presentations, informal or educational purposes. Also, you can create and insert GIF pictures into it. So, if you would like to know how to input GIF pictures into PowerPoint, then here are the directions to do so: Input GIF in PowerPoint 2010 or Later Launch the PowerPoint and reach the slide wherever you would like to add the GIF. After that, select the Insert option and choose the Pictures option. Once you inside the Insert Picture section, go to the GIF location on the system, click on the file then hit the Insert option. There are few PowerPoint versions, and this option may be shown in Open. Now, reach the ‘Slide Show’ option and choose the ‘From Current Slide’ option in the section of ‘Start Slide Show’ group to make an effect for GIF. Find the GIF Files You should invoke the PowerPoint and reach the slide wherever you would like to add the GIF. A

How to Fix Unable to Connect to on Windows 10

If you view the error notification “Unable to connect to the proxy server” on your computer screen, then you need to fix this issue with some tricky troubleshooting. In this article, we will teach you how you can fix this error easily. The issue can occur when a user is installing any third-party proxy server that blocks the antivirus. Several users mention that they can view several issues on their computer screen.            Here is the list of some proxy issue that also appears on your screen: Cannot connect to proxy server Windows 10 Can’t connect to the proxy server Microsoft Edge Can’t connect to Proxy server Windows 10 WiFi Unable to connect to proxy server Chrome, RocketTab Error proxy server connection failed How to Fix Unable to Connect to Proxy Server on Windows 10 1) Restart Internet features Here are the steps on how to reset internet features Tap Windows + S key on tour keyboard and then tap on Internet option, choose Internet option in

How to Restore Computer to a Previous Point in Windows 10

The device of Windows 10 does have a bit different method for restoring to an earlier date. For knowing it, you need to go through this blog carefully. With the help of the system restore option, you shall be able to restore the Windows 10 device by the earlier restore point. The device by itself makes the ‘system restore points,’ and the best part is it can even be made by you. Restoring from boot on Windows 10 Firstly, switch on the device. After that, after approximately 5 seconds, do a long press on the power switch till the device is turned off by itself. You need to do this step again till you receive the Advanced options display. Then, press on troubleshoot. After that, press the advanced tab. Next, press the System Restore. After that, select the chosen restore point. Next, press the Next option. Lastly, press the Finish option for beginning the restoring procedure. You need to give some time till the full restoring task is done. I suggest you not to