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All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Features of Instagram

 In these times, we all use various social networking platforms. But, among all the social media apps, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most favorite and commonly used applications among the users. A few days ago, the social networking platform, Instagram, announced some new features that it is going to offer to the users. Recently, Facebook has also taken another significant step by integrating its chat services of Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Over the last few months, Facebook has introduced many new features to offer to its users. And now, this integration has come up as another big surprise to the users. The use of Facebook Messenger and Instagram has increased tremendously, especially in these crazy times of Coronavirus. These platforms have helped people to stay connected with their loved ones. And now, as a part of this integration, Facebook has announced several new features for Instagram users.

According to the information, ten new features are going to add up on Instagram. Do you want to know about these upcoming features? Want to explore them? Well, if yes, then here, you will get to know all about the new upcoming features of Instagram. Here, we have mentioned the description of the features that will help you to understand them. So, please proceed further and read the complete article.

All About the Upcoming Features of Instagram

However, the merging of Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger is the biggest update. And with this, the users will be able to enjoy some of their favorite Messenger features on Instagram. The Messenger features that you can use on Instagram include being able to reply to any specific message, or you can forward a message as well. Apart from this, you can even customize the chat colors and theme just as you do on Facebook Messenger. And next up are the selfie stickers that the users will be able to use soon. With this, you will be able to use a series of stickers in your Boomerang and selfies. And now coming to other features that are soon going to add up on Instagram includes the “Vanish Mode”. With this feature, the messages that you will send or receive will disappear quickly once they are seen or once you close the chat.

The “Watch Together” feature is also a part of this list of upcoming Instagram features. Last month, Facebook added this feature on Messenger. Now, with the integration of both the platforms, users will be able to enjoy their favorite videos, TV shows, or IGTV videos with their friends on a video call on Instagram also. And not only this, but the users will also get the ability to create their emojis and can react quickly to the messages. Through the forwarding feature, you can send messages to up to 5 users at the same time. If you want, you will also be able to use animated send effects in your chats. This will be a significant change that is soon coming to Instagram. For now, some of these features are starting to roll out. But, they are not available to all the users. But we hope that we will be able to enjoy these features very soon.

So, this was about the upcoming features of Instagram. I hope you will find this article helpful. To get daily updates, please stay connected to us and keep visiting our website.

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