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How Exactly Does the PS5 Work?

The all-new PS5 is arriving next month, and there are a vast number of questions that need to be answered.

Everyone wants to have a firmer grasp on the information related to the console. The all-new PS5 would have backward compatibility, which means you will be able to play the majority of PS4 games on it. Other than this, there are a vast number of questions that are still there. These questions include some critical ones also. So, in this article, we will discuss them in detail.

Many of us want to know about the UI of the PS5. Is it the PS4’s menu setup’s carryover? Are there new themes available on PS5 or does it have carryover themes of PS4? And more.

There’s not even a single screenshot of the menus yet provided by Sony. Why is Sony working so confidentially? We are also eager to know about every detail related to the PS5. The answers will leave a more meaningful impact on your PS5’s game playing experience.

What will happen to the party system? Will it work through generations? Sony claims that its PS4 games are backward compatible with PS5, but we are pretty sure that you would not want to trade in your PS4 towards the PS5. It is a cause of concern for the Xbox Series X/Series S as well. Many are asking if a user wants to upgrade to the next-gen console, and in the meanwhile, if his partner still stays on Xbox One, then what would happen? Can they play every game together? Will they get separated when it comes to the next-gen version of GTA Online?

We have at least in the case of Xbox, a decent understanding on the working of backward compatibility, and about the enhancements types that it would be allowed. Sony hasn’t revealed much about PS5 only that most of the PS4 games will work on it. Is Sony coming up with features like auto-HDR? Why do some PS5 games not support cross-generation saves?

The backward compatibility is an excellent feature for this new-gen console, but still, Sony should reveal more information as it hasn’t revealed anything else till now which is concerning. We don’t know the reason why Sony is trying to hide what the face is. Is it that the backward compatibility of Microsoft is more fully-featured? Or something else? It is important information to have, especially for those who are planning about which next-gen console they should buy.

There are plenty of questions that remain unanswered. Will the external hard drives be supported for backwards-compatible games? Do the Trophies and cloud save sync more efficiently on PS5 than on PS4? Will PS5 offer faster download speeds?

We are sure some of the questions will definitely be answered by Sony before a week or two ahead of the launch. Recently, Sony has revealed that the virtual surround sound of PS5 will not be available for TV speakers during the initial launch of PS5; however, the 3D Audio will be working with headsets from the very first day.

Still, there remains a vast number of unanswered questions; among them, some should have been addressed before the preorders. We hope that with the launch day, all of the concerns will get rendered.

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Source:- How Exactly Does the PS5 Work?


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