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Best Ways To Scan And Digitize Your Old Pictures

Do you find yourself looking through the old photos often? Pictures can bring a lot of memories back, but they are not always secure in your album. Digitizing your photographs is a way to save them for a lifetime. You can protect your photos from water damage, accidental tearing, discoloration, etc. You will be able to take the backup of the digital pictures. Your pictures will be so secured that all your memories will never get lost, and you can quickly go through them at any time without snooping through your cupboard all the time. Moreover, you will be able to rectify discoloration and make other adjustments to your photo.

Getting your pictures digitized by someone else can cost you a fortune. You can skip that idea by doing it at your home, on your own while saving some cash. Here are some of the methods you can use to digitize your pictures.
Use Picture Scanner
You should invest in a good picture scanner to scan your pictures at home.
Some of the best budget-friendly photo scanner and digitizer that you can find online are:
  • Canon CanoScan Lide 400
  • KODAK Scanza
  • Epson Perfection V39
  • Canon LiDE 120
Once you make your investment, make sure that you follow these tips before beginning the process.
  1. You should organize your pictures in such a way that the scanning process can become easier.
  2. Wipe off all the dust from the photos before you insert them in the scanner so that your device doesn’t get harmed, and it can scan the pictures properly.
  3. Make sure that all the settings are in place. The quality setting for any scanner would be 300 dpi to 600 dpi. A good scanner can add colors to the black & white pictures as well.
  4. Scanning multiple photos at a time will take a lot of time.
Use Digitizing Apps
Using an app to digitize your old pictures will save you the price of a scanning machine. There are various apps that you can use to scan, but the best one out of all is the PhotoScan by Google Photos. You can download this app on both iOS and Android for free of cost. It takes multiple pictures of each printed photo so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the digitized version of your photographs. This app also includes all the features of Google photos. This app’s features include glare-free scan, edge detection, automatic cropping, perspective correction, and more. However, you can also purchase different versions of PhotoScanner that require subscription to get additional features.
Get Professional Services
Getting professional help for scanning the pictures will reduce the amount of time you will have to spend on scanning pictures on your own, but it will definitely shoot up the cost. Another demerit to it will be that you have to share your personal pictures with some stranger to get the job done. So, be careful with whom and which company you share the pictures. We would recommend you to get your photos scanned by a local service provider. but if you want more resized and professional services then, these are some of the most trusted companies for this service:
  • ScanMyPhotos International
You can trust them with their pictures because they are in the business for the past 30 years. They provide the fastest and most inexpensive services that costs 8 cents per printed photo along with some additional charges for color correction and editing. They support negatives and videos as well.
  • ScanCafe
They can restore your photos, videos, negatives, slides, and more. They charge 35 ¢ per printed picture that also includes editing and correction. You can use their Value Kit and Pro Options for more precision. Currently, they are running a sale in honor of Flag Day for which you can get your pictures scanned for 25 ¢.
  • DigMyPics
They charge 39¢ per photo, excluding the shipping charges. The price range varied depending on the type or format of the picture you sent. They support negatives, videotapes, slides, and films as well. They charge additionally for dust removal, color correction, and other editing procedures.
You can choose any of the options that fits your budget and preference. We would recommend you to use a mobile app or a scanning machine, as you can use them for a more extended period.
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Source :- Best Ways To Scan And Digitize Your Old Pictures



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